Style Profile: Brandon Sun

Spring Luxe

To know me, is to know I love a good scarf. I love wrapping myself in its warmth, and fashionable look it gives all my outfits. In my post with designer, Jason Matlo, we discussed how a scarf can up make any outfit look sharp, even sweatpants.

However, I did not know I could take my fashionable scarf look from fall into spring, and make it look sharp and sexy. One collection that I loved during NYFW Fall 2012, was Brandon Sun. They had great fur pieces that enveloped the models like hot melted butter. I highlighted some of their Fall 2012 looks in my NYFW post, “The Scene.”

The Spring scarf is normally very flimsy, and I always feel like a fake poet when I wear them, so I usually dash scarf season out the window with snow. Yet, I am always cold during Spring. I don’t know about your city, but Vancouver nights, during spring and summer are chilly. When I travel to warmer cities, I find myself in a constant hot and cold state, hot outside and freezing inside, with air-con blasted everywhere. Having a scarf just makes things so much better, and I have a great pillow during popcorn summer blockbuster season.

Brandon Sun showed me that I don’t have to give up my luxury scarf this Spring. I can still be fabulously drenched in comfort around my neck, and not just jewelry. Brandon Sun‘s Spring collection had some great scarfs to keep you looking alluring with your T-shirts and shorts this spring and summer season. I love the idea of mixing seasons, and Brandon Sun had given us a great way to try this look out for Spring–bing on the chilly nights!!


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